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Frequently asked questions

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Who created Threadit?

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Threadit was built by a small team in Area 120, Google’s internal incubator. This team of Googlers have been working on Threadit for the last year and are excited to share their work with more people outside of Google. Threadit is a project built in Area 120 and not a part of Google Workspace.

What happens to my data if I use Threadit?

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Threadit allows you to upload, submit, store, send and receive content. As described in the Threadit and Google Terms of Service, your content remains yours. We do not claim ownership in any of your content, including any videos, text, data, information, and files that you upload, share, or store in your Threadit account. Threadit’s use of user data is defined in detail in the Threadit Privacy Policy.

Where can I access Threadit?

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You can access Threadit directly on a web browser at, but the experience works best if you also download our Chrome extension. With the chrome extension, you can record yourself and anything on your screen at any time. Threadit is also available on mobile so you can record yourself and watch Threadits on the go. Mobile screen recording is coming soon.

Threadit can be used anywhere in the world except China, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea. Stay tuned for per-country expansion.

How can I get my company to use Threadit?

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You can try Threadit by signing up and creating an account here. Threadit can be used for work and Enterprise accounts, depending on your organization’s 3rd party tool requirements. If you have questions or cannot access Threadit, please contact us here or reach out to your Workspace rep. However, please note, Threadit is currently self-service and we are not activating any new pilots or partnerships at this time.

Do I have to pay to use Threadit?

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No, Threadit is free for everyone who wants to use it.

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